At Champion Auto Plex Complete Fleet Care, you’ll receive signifcant savings through our competitive prices, service backed by nationwide warranties, and the convenience of centralized billing



    • Competitive Prices

      When you become a Champion Auto Plex National Accounts customer, you’ll save money with the economies of fleet pricing. You always know up-front what you will pay regardless of quantity. And you can depend on our highly trained technicians, whose work is backed by a nationwide warranty.

      Nationwide Warranty

      Champion Auto Plex National Accounts products and services are backed by some of the best warranties in the business. The nationwide service warranty covers most parts and labor for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

      Centralized Billing

      Champion Auto Plex Fleet program is designed to keep the management of your fleet vehicle services as easy as possible. Our point-of-sale system keeps track of your entire fleet by offering consolidated invoices and statements.

      ASE-Certified Technicians

      Champion Auto Plex inspires con dence by employing ASE-Certi ed Technicians.
      Certification is given to individuals with at least two years relevant experience who pass an ASE exam. They must pass the exam every five years to maintain their certification.

      A/C Repair

      During the summer months, the temperature inside a vehicle sitting in the sun can easily reach 130°F or more. Keeping you and your passengers comfortable during the hottest weather is the job of your automobile’s air conditioning system.

      A/C and Heating Repair Can Involve:

      – Freon or coolant leaks – A blown fuse
      – Low refrigerant charge
      – Broken compressor
      – Clogged condenser or evaporator
      – Clogged filter
      – Clogged or broken expansion valve or heater core
      – Loose or broken drive belt
      – Slipping compressor clutch
      – Defective lines, hoses or seals


      Keeping your vehicle on the straight and narrow is a top concern of our auto technicians. We o er a wide selection of steering and alignment services to best t your needs.

      Worn steering, suspension and drive line components can cause noise, vibration, premature tire wear and misalignment. at’s why we perform a complete steering and suspension system inspection with every alignment.

      Key Services Include:

      Standard Alignment

      – Inspect steering and suspension system including tire condition and air pressure – Put vehicle on alignment rack, mount and compensate sensors
      – Print out initial alignment readings
      – Adjust alignment angles to manufacturer’s speci cations

      – Print out nal alignment readings to verify alignment is within speci cation – Road test vehicle
      – 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty*

      Plus Alignment

      – In addition to the Standard Alignment services, we:
      – Perform a four wheel tire rotation
      – Balance all four wheels on our state-of-the-art computerized balancing equipment – 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty*

      Electrical Systems

      Electrical systems are more complicated than ever, but they’re more reliable too, and easier to diagnose and repair with the proper equipment. At Champion Auto Plex, we have a full line of manufacturer-certified ed diagnostic tools. e tools, scanners, and equipment are the same as those used in dealership service departments or better. Our ASE-certified technicians know your car’s electrical components and can diagnose problems quickly and effectively.

      Common Electrical Issues

      Sometimes what seems like a major failure is merely a so ware bug. Computers control your car. Starters, alternators, air conditioning systems, and many other components are now computer driven. Our technicians will make sure you don’t waste money on diagnostics and parts.

      Your battery could also be the culprit of an electrical problem. A loose cable, a faulty wire, or a dirty connection could appear to be a bigger problem than it is. If your battery isn’t receiving a charge, the alternator might need replacement. But you’ll receive a full system check, not just a recommendation for parts you might not need.

      Batteries/ Starters/ Alternators

      Problems with starting or charging could be caused by starter, alternator or battery failure. Our technicians can perform a series of tests to determine the cause and recommend what services your vehicle needs to x the problem. Any diagnosis of the electrical system begins with a complete Electrical System Test. Our technicians will check the operating functions of key components that keep your vehicle’s electrical system running properly, including:

      – Alternator
      – Starter
      – Battery
      – Battery cables

      If our Electrical System Test finds a problem with any of these components, our experienced technicians can repair or replace them and get you back on the road with peace of mind.
      Fixing starting and charging problems may involve replacing your vehicle’s battery. With our knowledge and technology, we can determine if installing a new battery is necessary, or if another repair is needed.

      Key Services Included:

      – ED-18 Battery Check. A simple, quick check of your battery, this early detection test not only determines if your battery is good or bad, but it also can detect if the battery is in marginal condition and predict at what temperature it will be likely to fail.
      – Replacement and Installation of high quality Interstate® brand batteries with excellent warranties to meet your needs. – Maintenance Battery terminal cleaning and anti-corrosion spraying to ensure your vehicle starts in any weather.

      – Starter Replacement

      Computer Diagnostic’s

      Our ASE-certified technicians will provide you with a detailed inspection and computer analysis of your vehicle and all the repairs you need to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

      Check Engine Light

      Without the right equipment, you probably don’t know what your check engine light means. Our tools can determine what is happening with your vehicle. Don’t let your check engine light freak you out—visit Champion Auto Plex for peace of mind.

      Engine Services

      Every engine has different needs, depending on past use and driving conditions. at’s why we o er a range of engine services, from simple checks to more involved repairs.

      Key Services Include:

      – PCV Valves
      – Ignition Wires
      – Ignition Module
      – Emissions
      – Engine Sensors Including “O2” Sensor – Coil Packs
      – Distributor Cap & Rotor
      – Vapor Canister
      – Filters
      – Lubrication Service
      – Spark Plug Replacement
      – Air Filters
      – Fuel Filters
      – Fuel Pump
      – Crank Case Vent Filters

      Transmission Service

      At Champion Auto Plex Complete Fleet Care, we follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service interval to perform a complete transmission flush to remove all the fluid. en, we replace it with new, clean transmission fluid. e result is a transmission that will be clean, cool and lubricated, providing reliable service for miles to come.

      Ask an auto care advisor when your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends this maintenance.

      Key services include:

      – Inspect transmission lines
      – Flush old fluid using high tech machine, and then
      add up to 15quarts ATF.
      – Test drive vehicle
      – Do Transmission diagnostic, making sure that all sensors and solenoids working properly.

      Drivetrain & Suspensions

      e drivetrain is the system of components that generate the power to actually move the car. Your engine, transmission, wheels, and drive shaft are all parts of your drivetrain. When one of these components starts to fail or to function incorrectly, it can have a dramatic effect on your car’s performance.

      Signs of an ailing drivetrain include:

      – Rumbling, grinding, or whining noises as you drive
      – Transmission uid leaks
      – Sudden vibrations when you shi gears

      – Transmission uid that smells acrid or looks muddy

      Bad vehicle suspension can result in:

      – Unnecessary tire wear
      – Vibrations and noise
      – Alignment problems and damage

      A healthy suspension and driveshaft system isn’t just important to your safety and the integrity of your car, it’s also money-saving. These systems contribute to fuel efficiency, which means more miles to the gallon and fewer trips to the gas station.

      State Inspections

      All Texas registered vehicles are required to receive an annual inspection. All inspections include a comprehensive safety inspection. We are licensed to perform the Texas State Vehicle Safety Inspections and Emissions testing required by the state of Texas on all vehicles excluding commercial vehicles.


      No matter what your brake system needs, Champion Auto Plex Complete Fleet Care is here to help make sure your car is functioning properly.

      Disc Brake Service

      Our technicians will conduct a complete inspection of your vehicle’s braking system to ensure that only necessary repairs are recommended.

      Your car’s brake pads are telling you the condition
      of your brake system. Lifetime Brake Service o ers
      factory remanufactured replacement calipers that can
      enhance rotor and brake pad life (up to 50%), and improve your car’s overall braking performance. Our technicians fully inspect you vehicle’s braking system to determine which repair is right for your vehicle.

      At regular intervals, your vehicle manufacturer also recommends a more complete inspection of the major systems. For this more in-depth check of your vehicle, we o er a Complete Vehicle Inspection. In addition to the visual courtesy check, we perform a hands-on inspection of the brake, steering/suspension and exhaust systems to make sure they meet the vehicle manufacturer’s speci cations. Ask an auto care advisor for a complimentary printout of your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Following this schedule will help keep your vehicle running properly and spot any problems before they become costly repairs.

      Drum Brake Service:


      – Complete brake system inspection – Install new brake pads and/or shoes – Resurface drums and/or rotors
      – Add brake uid (if necessary)
      – Test drive vehicle


      – Complete brake system inspection
      – Install factory remanufactured calipers and/or wheel cylinders – Install new brake pads and/or shoes
      – Resurface drums and/or rotors
      – Clean and adjust rear axle brakes
      – Test drive vehicle

      Oil Changes

      At Champion Auto Plex Complete Fleet Care, we have several oil change services to protect your engine:

      Standard Oil Change

      Our value-priced basic service:

      – Check fluid levels
      – Top all uids
      – Install new lter

      – Valvoline® motor oil
      – Lubricate chassis (if necessary)

      Plus Oil Change

      Designed for vehicles with over 75,000 miles: – Check uid levels
      – Top all uids
      – Install new lter

      – Valvoline® XXX High Mileage motor oil – Lubricate chassis (if necessary)

      Premium Oil Change

      Designed for higher performance engines that specify a full synthetic motor oil:

      – Check fluid levels
      – Install new filter
      – Top all fluids
      – Valvoline® XXX Full Synthetic motor oil
      – Lubricate chassis (if necessary)

      Ask an auto care advisor to learn how o en your manufacturer recommends oil and filter changes for your vehicle and for complete details on our warranty.

      Fuel System

      Cleaning the fuel system regularly can remove engine deposits, clean cylinders, ensure that moving parts are free of debris, and help the exhaust system and catalytic converter last longer.

      Fuel System Treatment and Maintenance

      The right fuel system cleaning can do wonders for your vehicle’s performance. Dirty fuel systems lead to sluggish cars, dirty spark plugs, and low fuel mileage. Champion Auto Plex provides a fuel system checkup for a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

      Injectors spray fuel through a nozzle into the combustion chamber. Ideally, they spray a fine, cone-shaped mist but, deposits and wear can cause them to spray ine cient streams of fuel into the chamber. These streams burn poorly and can cause hesitation and other performance problems. Fuel injection cleaning involves removing deposits from the injectors and fuel lines, and adding a clean fuel filter to the vehicle.

      Heating & Cooling System

      Keeping your vehicle cool under the hood may only mean a quick part replacement, or it could involve more complex repairs. Our technicians can perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle’s cooling systems to determine what work is needed.

      Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacement of the anti-freeze at scheduled intervals. Unlike many service shops that just perform a “drain-and- ll”, Champion Auto Plex Complete Fleet Care provides a complete radiator ushing service that includes the following:

      – Inspect system and pressure test for leaks
      – Add ush chemicals to the radiator
      – Power ush chemicals to the radiator
      – Re ll system with proper amount of anti-freeze – Add sealant/lubricant to the system

      – 12-month/12,000-mile limited Nationwide warranty*

      Key Parts We Repair or Replace Include:

      – Radiator
      – Radiator Cap
      – Radiator Hoses
      – ermostat
      – Anti-freeze
      – Water Pump Serpentine Belt – Cooling Sensor
      – Heater Core
      – Heater Hoses
      – Radiator Fan/Fan Clutch
      – Fan Belts


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